Friday, October 30, 2009

Do Flu-Fighting Alternatives Work?

Some healthy adults aren't waiting for their turn to get the H1N1 vaccine. They're trying to find ways to avoid getting sick now.

You aren't going to find many doctors writing prescriptions for it. It's over-the-counter, and unregulated by the FDA.

But, some Des Moines merchants are reporting sales are through the roof as the H1N1 vaccine is in short supply and conventional medicine is offering few alternatives.

To avoid the flu, growing number of people are turning wheatgrass juice.

Juicing and taking shots have a whole different meaning at Fresh Café and Market in West Des Moines where a shot of wheatgrass comes with an orange chaser. They're $2.50 a shot.

Kerri Rush said her wheatgrass business has spiked with the start of the flu season, and talk of H1N1.

Right now, because it is flu season people are more concerned. I see more people come in for grass," said Rush.

The wheatgrass shot contains Vitamins A, E and B-12, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. said one ounce is the equivalent of one ounce of fresh vegetables.

Campbell's Nutrition will take it a step closer. Naturopathic consultant Sandy Seeman said elderberry lozenges can block H1N1 from making you sick. The pills are a dollar each, sold in bottles of 30.

"In a test tube they put healthy cells, the H1N1 virus and then they put in this elderberry. And what they found is that the elderberry stopped this H1N1 virus from getting into the healthy cells," said Seeman.

Seeman said another study shows elderberry syrup can reduce your time with symptoms.

"It actually lessens the duration of the flu for four days," said Seeman.

The syrup runs $19.99 for an 8-ounce bottle.

Doctors said there's no mainstream evidence to support claims elderberry can do either of these things, or that wheatgrass can boost your immune system.

Rush said she doesn't need the studies, she hears testimony every day. And she's living proof.

"I have to find some wood to knock on, because I haven't been sick in a long time," said Rush.

Jeff Brock is the Infectious Disease Pharmacist at Mercy Medical Center. He said to use caution when trying nutritional supplements. They can have interactions with medications or cause allergic reactions. He recommends consulting a doctor or pharmacist before trying them.

He also said eating a healthy diet, getting rest, exercising, washing your hands and avoiding people who are sick are the cheapest and most effective way of avoiding the flu.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Atlanta Restaurant News

KD Says: Another resto who serves wheatgrass juice! Wish I live around the neighborhood.

Breakfast at Brookhaven Bistro: A quaint neighborhood health food joint, Brookhaven Bistro has been serving local, organic lunches for years, but just recently expanded its hours and menu to include breakfast. Now open starting at 7 a.m., the casual restaurant serves breakfast burritos, tofu scrambles, yogurt parfaits, muffins, grits, bagels and eggs until 10 a.m. daily. Homemade wheat grass juice, pressed vegetable juice and fruit juices are also available.

If you can’t make it for breakfast, the lunch menu offers a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, rice bowls, burgers (turkey, salmon or Boca) and burritos—sure to satisfy anyone’s mid-day cravings. The salmon quesadilla is made with wild Alaskan salmon sauteed with onions and mushrooms and served with Jack cheese, fresh tomatoes, sour cream and house hot sauce.

Brookhaven Bistro is located at 4274 Peachtree Road. Call 404-846-2233 or visit for more information.

by: Carly Felton


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Food: Juice Makers

Like great food? Who doesn’t! Are you a bit of a health nut? Ok, maybe I’m not, but I like great food. And I am a huge fan of Tico’s Eatery & Juice Bar on Witherspoon Street (although it faces Spring Street) in downtown Princeton.

Tico’s is one of the few juice bars that offer wheatgrass shots in the Princeton area. Wheatgrass is said to help detoxify the body and keep you healthy. They also make fresh juices to order and have everything from orange and pineapple to carrots and beets.

If you are in the mood for a smoothie, my favorite is the strawberry banana, plus all of their smoothies are made with non-fat frozen yogurt. Custom-make your own or choose from one of the already declared favorites such as the Jamaican Jammer.

Try one of their quesadillas, panini or Jose’s chicken salad. Everything is made fresh daily and with the highest quality ingredients.

They are open Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm and Saturday from 9 am-3 pm, serving breakfast, lunch and the occasional snack or juice.

If you don’t have time to sit and eat and watch the passers-by, you can order something quick to go or grab something pre-made in their “on-the-go” section. Princeton students can find Tico’s food in the University Store.

Check out the menu at
Did we mention they will cater?

This is a real mom and pop shop serving great food in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Once you go there, they will know you by name. It’s no wonder Tico’s is one of the little gems of Princeton.

Written for NJ My Way by Princeton’s Katie DeVito ( who also blogs for


KD Says: I hope more food shops start offering wheatgrass shots here in Manila. I don't think even fruit shake sellers like Fruit magic or Fruitas have wheatgrass offerings. Aha! that's a great business idea! hmmmm...